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Krista Gilbert and Alex Kuykendall

There we were standing next to each other between takes of ‘One Singular Sensation’ on the actual chorus line of our college production  A Chorus Line, and our hearts began to intertwine. Anyone who has been part of a theater production knows there’s a lot of standing around time, waiting time, and in those 5 second to 5 minute breaks we began a conversation that has lasted more than twenty years.

Then we married roommates from that same college. Young men who shared a sense of humor and faith and a call to serve others. Though similar in many ways, they were meant to live those traits out in their distinct callings. The same is true of us. We share many of the same values, even the same strengths, but we with our unique twists. A country girl and a city girl. An extrovert and an introvert. A doer and a ponderer. We have seen how our differences have been enhanced, made better, when we’ve been together. We know it to be true in our own friendship and we want to encourage it in other women.

Which leads us to the heart of The Open Door Sisterhood. Though we are opposites in some ways, we share a common heartbeat. We want to live sincere lives for God’s glory, where our private selves and our public selves have little disconnect. We want to cherish and honor the families and friendships in our care, especially while we’re in our current stage of carpooling and dinner making. We want other women to experience that together we are a stronger force for God’s purposes on earth and we all benefit when we celebrate our unique God-given talents.

So a few years ago while sharing a hotel room at a conference we started talking about our need to have a getaway that was both practical and inspirational. A small group of women, not a conference, more like a retreat. From that The Open Door Retreat was formed. And then a need to share this conversation with a broader group of women, and the podcast came from there. Mostly we want to encourage our sisters that God made them on purpose for a purpose. That those quirks and talents that make them different are exactly what God wants to use as a gift to others.

It might all come back to One Singular Sensation. We believe every woman is.

Here’s a little more about us.

Krista Gilbert

Krista Gilbert lives in Northern Idaho with her family. She likes to cook for a crowd. In fact the bigger the crowd, the bigger the party. She likes all things crafty and home. Her first book, Reclaiming Home: A Family’s Guidebook For Life, released this year and shares many of the practical ways she makes her family both functional and fun. At the center of all of this is Krista’s love for the people God has placed in front of her.  You can find out more about her here.


Alex Kuykendall

Alexandra Kuykendall lives in Denver, Colorado with her family. On staff with MOPS International for nearly ten years she now spends her time driving to and from various schools while searching for a better solution to the laundry dilemma and when possible, fitting in a writing project or two. Her second book, Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment In Relishing What’s Right In Front of Me, releases May 2016. She is working at boldly stepping through the doors God opens. The Open Door Sisterhood gives her great nudges in that direction. You can find out more about her here.