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From weekend retreats to special events to conferences, Alex and Krista bring The Open Door Sisterhood themes of part practical, part inspirational, to stages and pulpits around the country. Engaging audiences with their insight and practical tools, they are trusted voices among faith-based audiences. From intimate gatherings to mainstage moments, their authenticity draws listeners in and their hope-infused words leave a lasting impression. From spiritually-centered weekends, to light-hearted women’s events, they can tailor their talks to your event’s needs. Whether you book them individually or together, Krista and Alex would love to serve you at your next event.

What You Can Expect When You Work With The Open Door Sisterhood:

Alex and Krista want to ensure you have an excellent experience working with them. Once you have booked one or both of them to speak at your event, you can count on them to include:

  • A thoughtful, prepared presentation, or series of presentations, designed for your audience
  • A pre-planning meeting via Zoom (video meeting platform) with your event committee
  • Slides and visuals formatted for MAC PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Head shots, bios, and other marketing images
  • Small group discussion questions if requested
  • Bulk quantities of books available for pre-purchase
  • Event book sales and signing if pre-arranged

Most importantly you can expect Alex and Krista to approach your event’s attendees, and your church or organization, with care and professionalism. They are coming to serve you and will clearly communicate with you throughout the planning process while listening to your needs.