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A note from the blog team: We reached out and invited our retreat attendees to share a piece of their stories as a way of exploring what it means live out our identities as sisters. Throughout the year, we look forward to sharing these sister-to-sister interviews in the hopes that you will recognize a bit Read More

Some couples choose to be childless in our culture, but when this decision is not made by choice, it can be devastating.  Almost 5 million couples in the US experience infertility at some point in their marriage, and many more suffer miscarriages, or the loss of children.  Some singles who are moving beyond child-bearing years Read More

The Open Door Sisterhood is growing!  We are looking for some sisters to join our team as we encourage women all around the world to take steps forward and be world changers for good right where they are.  We know that God is leading and directing and we can't wait to see who He brings Read More

Belle means beautiful in Latin, and that is exactly what Erin Weidemann is trying to help girls define.  Using women of the Bible, Erin has created a company whose mission is to teach girls about prayerfulness, patience, bravery, leadership, and loyalty.  The hope is that girls would not only learn about these women of faith Read More

We knew the day was coming, but that didn’t lessen the blow. In the last months of my mom’s cancer journey, every time the phone rang, my pulse quickened for fear that this was the call. Then shortly after five o’clock one September morning, the shrill ring of our landline bolted me awake. I shot Read More

Sister, grab your teenage daughter and listen to this interview together. As the youngest guest to date on The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast, YouTube sensation Chelsea Crockett talks with host Krista Gilbert about everything from how she met her boyfriend (Twitter was involved), to how she started making YouTube videos, to what it's like living Read More

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by today's youth sports culture?  Do you wonder what to do when everyone else seems to have their children on club sports teams by age 8 or 10?  Have you ever considered whether or not to talk to a coach and how to best do that? Are you a coach Read More

Retreat. What happens when you hear that word? Do you get excited and sign up immediately? Or cringe, hoping no one asks if you’re going? Are you already crafting your excuse? Perhaps you remember that left-out feeling from the last retreat when you vowed never to go again. Retreats can make our hearts flip one Read More

Alli Worthington has a mantra, “Show up. Be real. Love others. Don’t quit.” As a mom to five boys, wife, business coach, Director of Propel Women, an author and speaker, she was forced to face some fears when her husband became ill a few years ago. A woman who was juggling more than seems humanly Read More

It's our second annual Things We Love episode on The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast. In honor of Valentine's Day Alex and Krista want to give you some of their favorite things these days. From beauty products to books, cleaning hacks to podcasts, you'll see what's in their shopping carts and social media feeds. This is Read More

Katherine Scott Jones is a writer, editor, soon-to-be-published novelist, and forever book enthusiast. Wife to one cool engineer and mom to two miraculous kids, she writes to make a world of difference one story at a time. Katherine launched her writing career in freelance, which led to novel-writing, where she discovered her passion for story. As a Christian, her love for *story* springs naturally from her love for Jesus because He loved stories: imaginative, ground-breaking, life-changing stories. She is former president of the Northwest Christian Writers Association, and for three years taught memoir writing at Highline Community College. Katherine loves Jesus, great stories, black coffee, red wine, world travel, film scores, BBC movies, and daily walks with her husband and dog. When she’s not writing, she’s chauffeuring kids to jazz band or ballet and volunteering for World Vision. She lives near Seattle, where she enjoys the rain, especially when it involves a cup of tea, a good book, and one small, gray cat.
Need help or have a question? Email Katherine at katherine.scott.jones@gmail.com.