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Ruth Bell Olsson has ended up in some places she didn't expect. Whether in the middle of The Congo talking with victims of sexual violence, or leading a needle exchange for intravenous drug users in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, her destination is often not what she had in mind when beginning her journey Read More

Whether you had an amazing father growing up, or one that caused deep wounds and pain, every one us can speak to the power of a father.  The relationship we have with our father affects us in profound ways. In this special Father's Day episode, Dr. Meg Meeker, author, renowned speaker, and pediatrician,  joins me Read More

I was slightly taken aback by how quickly my new friend intervened. I hadn’t known her for very long, and yet within moments of my three-year-old’s meltdown, she led away my daughter by the hand to calm her so that I could get back to nursing my baby. My friend was just as swift to Read More

Kelsey Hency was looking for a place to read and write. She couldn't find what she was looking for, so she created something new. Fathom, an online magazine for Christians who wrestle with the issues, who don't always find their voice in the current narratives, who perhaps ask more questions than they find answers. If Read More

Kristin Schell wants to be a front yard person. In an effort to do life in a way that was accessible to her neighbors, to facilitate relationships in their everyday experiences, she put a picnic table in her front yard and painted it turquoise. She had no idea that would become a movement of turquoise Read More

Does it feel like technology is taking over your life?  Do you feel frustrated, sad, and discouraged when every person in your family is glued to a screen rather than interacting with one another?  You're not alone.  Research shows that we all are struggling with the screens that sits comfortably at our fingertips. Andy Crouch Read More

We measure things, all of us. So aware of all that is bigger, grander, beyond our control, or outside of our ability to explain, we use measurements as a means to grasp what we can, however we can— with the intent to put our lives onto a tidy shelf in our minds and label its Read More

Mary DeMuth strives to live with a generous spirit. And by all measures we think she is living out her desire. A writer and speaker in her career, she makes it her business to help other writers with their business. Whether in a mastermind group or on her website, Mary shares what she knows. Mary Read More

Lisa-Jo Baker knows a few things about friendship. As the manager of the (in)courage community she has set a space for women to experience belonging in both the online space and real world arena. Her new book, Never Unfriended, tackles the tricky dynamics of female friendships: why are they important, the roadblocks to finding, growing Read More

Drained.  Exhausted.  Empty. Barren. Does this describe how you feel?  Most of us reach a point at some time in our lives where we feel like we're camped in dry land.  When we get to this place we don't have the energy or the motivation to dream or move forward in our areas of giftedness Read More

Katherine Scott Jones is a writer, editor, soon-to-be-published novelist, and forever book enthusiast. Wife to one cool engineer and mom to two miraculous kids, she writes to make a world of difference one story at a time. Katherine launched her writing career in freelance, which led to novel-writing, where she discovered her passion for story. As a Christian, her love for *story* springs naturally from her love for Jesus because He loved stories: imaginative, ground-breaking, life-changing stories. She is former president of the Northwest Christian Writers Association, and for three years taught memoir writing at Highline Community College. Katherine loves Jesus, great stories, black coffee, red wine, world travel, film scores, BBC movies, and daily walks with her husband and dog. When she’s not writing, she’s chauffeuring kids to jazz band or ballet and volunteering for World Vision. She lives near Seattle, where she enjoys the rain, especially when it involves a cup of tea, a good book, and one small, gray cat.
Need help or have a question? Email Katherine at katherine.scott.jones@gmail.com.