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Hey Sister! Kids & Sports: The Pros & Cons, Ins & Outs with Darcy McMurray

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by today’s youth sports culture?  Do you wonder what to do when everyone else seems to have their children on club sports teams by age 8 or 10?  Have you ever considered whether or not to talk to a coach and how to best do that? Are you a coach who wants to make a difference in the lives of your players?  If so, this episode is just for you!

Darcy McMurray has experience on all sides: she’s been a player, a coach, a parent, and an child educator and advocate.  She deeply understands the psychology and benefit of team sports and how it can equip our children for life.  She also understands that it can be a harsh and unrelenting world to navigate.  Darcy argues that both aspects are beneficial in the long run in our kids’ lives.

We begin the interview covering positive coaching strategies, then move into how to help our kids talk to their coach when there is a problem, and finish with parenting tips that help no matter what sport your child plays.  If you have a child entering the world of sports, or if you are a coach, this is a must-listen!

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Darcy McMurray is a wife, mom to four, teacher, volleyball coach, daughter, friend, sister, and now real estate agent living in Spokane, Washington.

You can listen to my conversation with Darcy on iTunes here.

Here are some things you heard on the show:

7 Keys to Leading Your Team:

 1.) Be first to SERVE and the last to be served

a. Why is it a privilege to serve? b. How can you Share Leadership? c. How can you embrace teammates so all roles are important? d. What are some differences between a Boss and a leader?

2.) Be the first to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and the last to violate team standards.

a. Be an example of Attitude b. Be an example of Teachable Spirit c. Be an example of Poise d. Be an example of Work Ethic e. Be an example of Excellence f. Be an example of Accountability g. Be an example of Initiative

3.) Be the first to be a LIFELINE OF COMMUNICATION between Coach and Team and be the last to withhold information.

a. Communication triangle b. Communicate be being Truthful c. Communicate by being Connected d. Communicate be being clear, concise and simple e. Communicate by being a better listener

4.) Be the first to PRAISE OTHERS and be the last to brag or draw attention to yourself

a. Lead with Humility b. Be the first to spread the word of praise c. Confidence vs. Arrogance

5.) Be the first to PROTECT AND DEFEND and be the last to criticize

a. Protect and Defend by being loyal to your coach and teammates b. Loyalty to yourself first c. Loyalty to teammates and coaches d. Protect and defend by welcoming new people to your team e. Protect and defend your team by being the first to admit you made a mistake

6.) Be the first to CONFRONT VIOLATIONS OF TEAM STANDARDS, and be the last to ignore problems

a. First, you must determine your Core Covenants b. Confrontation requires that you are a person of integrity c. Confrontation requires courage d. Confrontation requires being a problem solver e. Choices you have when faced with a problem

7.) Be the first to ENCOURAGE and be the last to become discouraged

a. Encourage by being someone who is mentally tough b. Encourage by being motivated yourself c. Encourage by sharing your passion d. Encourage by keeping things in perspective e. Encourage by being positive

taken from: Brown, Bruce E. Captains: 7 Ways to Lead Your Team. N.p.: ProActive Coaching, 2004. Print.


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