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What is Sisterhood? (Introducing The Sisterhood Trucker Hat)

SISTERHOOD. We all want it, but what is it? How do we define true sisterhood?

Krista, here. When I was in third grade and taller than most of the boys my age, I was called on to do a fitness drill at soccer practice. That would have been fine other than the fact that the team was co-ed, and the drill required me to jump on another player’s back – a boy’s back.

Remember when I said I was taller than most of them? This made for an extremely humiliating situation.

My sister friends on the team saw what was going on and came to the rescue. They circled around, and the tallest one in the group informed the team she needed to get in better shape and said to me, “get on my back.”

I’m not sure what else happened that day, but this I know: in my time of need, my sisters were there.

Sisterhood is…


Sisters fight for each other, not against each other. They show up, stand up, and speak up when it counts the most. They know the little things are important, but the big things are what connect us in spirit.


Sisters speak words of life into your soul. They are for you and show it by choosing words that show deep kindness, care, and compassion. Sisters don’t shy away from opportunities to propel you forward.


Sisters give freely and abundantly. They don’t hold things back from you and offer their time, resources, and talents on your behalf. They celebrate with you because they know your success does not threaten theirs.


Sisters want you to be better and do better. So when things get hard, sisters don’t leave. They stay, work through the difficult, and show their persevering commitment to your relationship. They ask you to rise to the challenge and we grow together.


Sisters know they don’t have all of the answers. They recognize that life and friendship is a gift God has offered and shouldn’t be squandered. Because of this no task is too small for a sister to take on and no grief is too big for a sister to share.

This Sisterhood trucker hat is a chance for you to declare to the world that the Sisterhood you represent is different… set apart.

It is a chance to declare we are FOR one another, and are committed to the personal success of each women in our circle.

Order The Sisterhood trucker hat for you and some friends!

Our high quality trucker hat has a perfect fit, looks great on every woman, and is even made for working out – this is Krista’s go-to hat for the gym!

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