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The Healthy Way: Rhythms and Limits with Ashley Hales

What if this new year we resolved to have better limits? What if more quiet is what we really need? How about if we build a “spacious life” so that we can experience more of God in 2022?

As part of our Healthy Way series we talk about our spiritual lives and how we must create space for that part of ourselves to commune with the Holy Spirit. Ashley Hales talks the practical of what that looks like. As a fellow mom of four, she joins Alex and Krista in the chaos lots of kids (and their activities) can bring. And yet Ashley has committed to some limits so that their family rhythms bring peace more often than frenzy.

Do you feel like 2022 is calling for more energy than you have to give? Are you wanting to know how to best set limits while still pursuing things you love? Do you want to trust there is enough if you aren’t always producing, but are sometimes simply delighting in the good gifts God has given you? If so, this conversation is for you.

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Some things mentioned on the show

Ashley’s book: A Spacious Life: Trading Hustle and Hurry for the Goodness of Limits

Krista’s book: Reclaiming Home: The Family’s Guide for Life, Love, and Legacy

Alex’s book: Seeking Out Goodness: Finding the True and Beautiful All around You


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