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Raise Boys, Change the World: Don’t Mom Alone with Heather MacFadyen

Host of the popular mothering podcast, Don’t Mom Alone, Heather MacFadyen is right in the middle of parenting four boys. As we continue in our series on Raise Boys, Change the World we of course needed a few mom experts to join. Heather is one of those moms.

In this episode we talk about noise levels, energy levels, and schooling choices. We cover how Heather approaches her relationships with educators, other moms, and her husband and how this web of support makes her a better mom as she faces life with four sons. We cover what it means to be “deregulated”, how we can help our boys and ourselves get back to a place of healthy functioning when energies or feelings are high. And we cover the importance of boys witnessing a marriage where mom and dad choose each other.

Heather gives us her take on the state of boys right now (spoiler: she says they’re “numbing out”) and how we as the adults around them can help them build resilience in order to prepare them for lives of service as they leave home. If you are in the middle of raising kids, boys or girls, you will glean encouragement and wisdom from Heather’s perspective.

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Things mentioned on the podcast

Heather’s podcast Don’t Mom Alone

Heather’s new book Don’t Mom Alone: Growing the Relationships You Need to Be the Mom You Want to Be

The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Parenting Easily Frustrated Chronically Inflexible Children by Ross Greene

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys (A Practical and Encouraging Guide to Christian Parenting by David Thomas and Stephen James

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