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The Healthy Way with Church w/ Ericka Andersen Sylvester

Statistics tell us that church attendance is down, and many are leaving the traditional church. COVID also led to decreased church attendance as people got comfortable sitting in front of televised services in their pajamas. Today on The Healthy Way Series we are exploring the role of in-person church and its value in our lives.

Author and church expert, Ericka Anderson Sylvester, offers insight into how to find the right church for you or your family, what to do if your spouse or children don’t want to go with you, and why it’s never too late to return to a church body after being absent.

If you have been considering going back to church, or attending church for the first time, this episode will be encouraging. If you are a regular church attendee, this episode will help remind you why it is important to continue investing in the local church body.

We’ve never covered this topic on the podcast before and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Things You Heard On The Show

Ericka’s new book: Reason to Return: Why Women Need The Church and The Church Needs Women

Fresh Expressions

How to find a new church 101


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