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The Health Way: Our Relationship with Technology w/ Jay Kim

How healthy is your relationship with technology? Do you use your phone? Or does your phone use you? That is a question asked on this week’s podcast and it hits very close to home.

Too few of us ask how we are honestly doing when it comes to digital input. We see “other people’s” digital addiction, but don’t recognize it in ourselves.

Jay Kim, pastor and author, lives in the heart of the Silicon Valley and writes about how we are being formed by the input we receive. He challenges us to be formed in the ways of God rather than Tik Tok or Instagram.

If you are anything like us, you will walk away with important insights about how to better use technology in 2023.


Analog Christian – Cultivating Resilience and Wisdom in the Digital Age by Jay Kim

Analog Church by Jay Kim

Unoffendable by Brant Hansen

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

The Wisdom Pyramid by Brett McCracken

Michigander Band

Abby Holiday Music

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