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Lead Your Time with Crystal Paine

When we are looking at leading our lives, one of the first places to peek under the hood is time management. How we spend our minutes, hours, and days adds up to a life, and usually we aren’t spending them they way we’d really like to when we take an honest look.

Today Crystal Paine, the Money Saving Mom, joins us to discuss how she gets it all done in a week using her 6:2 system, how to use get enough sleep, drink enough water, and track our habits. Crystal is a woman who runs a full time business, has six children, volunteers at her church, and writes books. She is sharing her secrets today and we all get to benefit.

If you want to lead a more intentional life with your time, this episode will help!

Some Things You Heard On The Show

Crystal’s new book Time Saving Mom

Crystal’s 6:2 Priority Areas

Friendships / Relationships

Atomic Habits

Crystal’s Habit Tracker

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