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3 Money Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year with David and Shawna Sullivan

There’s no kinda stress like money stress. The good news is the new year offers an opportunity to examine our spending habits and their root causes. We didn’t want this new year marker to pass without looking at how we can evaluate our tendencies and be intentional with how and where we spend.

We brought you the best for this conversation. Shawna and David Sullivan discuss the importance of addressing money issues in the new year with honesty and no judgment. They highlight the three primary mistakes people make with money: overspending, mindless spending, and oversaving. They emphasize the need to address the heart issues behind these mistakes and approach money as a reflection of values and priorities.

Shawna and David also share their personal experiences in navigating money differences in their 20-year marriage. They offer a great reminder that this conversation around money decisions is bathed in grace. Jesus is better than anything money can buy. We can encourage each other in that good news as we make daily decisions with our money.

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A few things mentioned (You Need A Budget)

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

Shawna’s download 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Time and Money in the New Year

Some questions for reflection (from Shawna’s download)

When thinking of spending, ask yourself:

  • Does this line up with my values?
  • Is this necessary?
  • What is one investment goal I have for this year?

Head over to Shawna’s website to find more thoughtful questions to get your spending lined up with your priorities.

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