Engaging audiences
with their insight and
practical tools, Krista + Alex
are trusted voices sought
after by event planners
around the country.

speaking at your event

Engaging audiences with their insight and practical tools, they are trusted voices among faith-based audiences. From intimate gatherings to mainstage moments, their authenticity draws listeners in and their hope-infused words leave a lasting impression. From spiritually-centered weekends, to light-hearted women’s events, they can tailor their talks to your event’s needs. Whether you book them individually or together, Krista and Alex would love to serve you at your next event.

From weekend retreats to special events to conferences, Alex and Krista bring The Open Door Sisterhood themes of part practical, part inspirational, to stages and pulpits around the country.

meet Krista

meet alex

Alex and Krista want to ensure you have an excellent experience working with them. Once you have booked one or both of them to speak at your event, you can count on them to include:

The Process and What you Can Expect from Working with The Open door Sisterhood:

+  A thoughtful, prepared presentation, or series of presentations, designed for your audience
+  A pre-planning meeting via Zoom (video meeting platform) with your event committee
+  Slides and visuals formatted for MAC PowerPoint or Keynote
+  Head shots, bios, and other marketing images 
+  Small group discussion questions if requested
+  Bulk quantities of books available for pre-purchase
+  Event book sales and signing if pre-arranged

Most importantly you can expect Alex and Krista to approach your event’s attendees, and your church or
organization, with care and professionalism. They are coming to serve you and will clearly communicate
with you throughout the planning process while listening to your needs.

Meet Our Speakers

Krista Gilbert is a life coach certified by the International Coaching Federation. Her emphasis include leadership, groups, home, and family. Author of Reclaiming Home and co-author of Give Them Wings, Krista always covers the part practical, part inspirational in her talks. She lets audiences know why the subject matters and how to take next steps in that area. Full of stories and energy, Krista connects with women on and off stage as her talks center around such topics as creating positive group culture, home, family, living life with purpose, choosing the adventurous life, and relationships. Her belief in God’s redemptive power and in women’s unique purposes make her the perfect candidate for your next women’s event. Krista flies out of Spokane International Airport (GEG).

Meet krista

  • Reclaiming Home
  • Reclaiming Our Spiritual Home
  • Reclaiming Home for the Holidays (Christmas)
  • Creating Powerful & Positive Group Culture (helpful for businesses also)
  • A Wild Yes - Redefining the Adventurous Life
  • Marking a Life with Gratitude (Great for Thanksgiving)
  • The Four Superpowers of Motherhood (Perfect for Mother’s Day)
  • Parenting Teens: The Stuff No One Talks About
  • Peanut Butter Sandwiches Change the World - Discovering Purpose and Impact in the Everyday
  • Show Up. Speak Up. Step Up. The Three Marks or True Relationship and Community.
  • • Five Marks of a Great Leader - The Key Ingredients to Success in Leadership

meet alex

Alex has authored five books Loving My Actual Neighbor, Loving My Actual Life, Loving my Actual Christmas, The Artist’s Daughter, and her newest Seeking Out Goodness. She encourages women to accept the uncomfortable and challenges them to live for God’s purposes right where they are. Known for her transparency, audiences find Alex relatable as she shares how she lives out her faith in the real world. Always pointing toward loving God and others, her themes encourage women to not miss the gifts God has for them today. Alex serves as the 1.27 National Network Director, coaching executive directors working in foster care ministry. She flies out of Denver International Airport (DEN).

Some Topics Krista Speaks On

Some Topics alex Speaks On

  • Seeking Out Goodness
  • Loving My Actual Life
  • Loving My Actual Neighbor
  • Loving My Actual Christmas
  • Finding the Good in Those Around Me
  • How Difficult Questions Help Us Love Our Neighbors
  • Elements of a Life of Purpose
  • Writing With Your Voice: A Writer’s Workshop

Some Topics they speak on together

  • Strong group culture: The glue that holds us together
  • Sisterhood: When women commit to each other
  • I can do something: Using your God-given agency
  • World changer for good: You are uniquely positioned for influence
  • It’s not too late to grow: Expanding on what you already know
  • Everyday people change the world: Cultivating impact right where you are


"With great confidence I heartily recommend Krista Gilbert for your next conference or retreat. As a special speaker, Krista has great balance between real life stories and Biblical truth. She is warm, insightful and challenging. Our ladies want to have her back again!"

"With great confidence I heartily recommend Krista..."

- Sandy Wild, Anthem Church Associate Pastor, Hayden, ID

“Alex has a gift of articulating her thoughts in a humorous yet humble manner. Her willingness to be honest and transparent speaks volumes. Women are drawn to her genuineness. Alex is a real woman, living in a real world, sharing real stories. We all felt as though we went home with a new friend.”

"Her willingness to be honest and transparent speaks volumes."

Scotty Humphries, MOPS Mentor Grace Community Church, Greensboro, NC

“Krista and Alex are some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. They are fun, smart, and so full of wisdom. They make everyone feel a part of the sisterhood because they know life is so much better...together!”

"They make everyone feel a part of the sisterhood..."

Sarah Story