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The Open Door Podcast

Gari Mitchell was living her life in 1988, taking her two kids to school, enjoying tennis with her friends, when she had a routine sinus surgery. She woke up to debilitating depression that lasted for ten years. And then a phone call a few years later from the FBI changed her new normal even further Read More

Like a sleeping giant, anger can sit dormant or relatively calm until we become parents.  Then, suddenly, it can feel like it wakes up and takes over.  If you feel that parenting triggers anger, on any level, this podcast is for you. My guests for this episode, Amber Lia and Wendy Speake, are the authors Read More

What happens when prayers aren’t being answered? At least in the way we are asking God to answer them? When the circumstances we desperately want to change, don’t? In this episode we talk about this with our guest Ann Swindell. Her new book, Still Waiting, is birthed from her own experience of moving through life Read More

Lisa Whittle is a woman who gets to the bottom of things quickly. She calls herself a bottom line person. So she tells it as she sees it, but always with a humble spirit. This combination of self disclosure with honest (and sometimes uncomfortable) truth makes her a voice worth listening to in this noisy Read More

Change is an inevitable part of life.  Whether we are looking at personal or cultural shifts, dead end roads, a strained relationship, or a season of crisis, we will be forced to deal with transitions.  What we get to choose, however, is how we navigate that challenge. Ken Wytsma, author, speaker, innovator, and social entrepreneur Read More

Catherine McNiel found herself in the middle of mothering. Pregnant, with two small children already underfoot, she was forced to tackle the question, what happens to a mom's spiritual journey? Do exhaustion and distraction prevent mothers everywhere from having a deep and meaningful spiritual life? Or does God perhaps have a rich spiritual journey available Read More

Ruth Bell Olsson has ended up in some places she didn't expect. Whether in the middle of The Congo talking with victims of sexual violence, or leading a needle exchange for intravenous drug users in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, her destination is often not what she had in mind when beginning her journey Read More

Whether you had an amazing father growing up, or one that caused deep wounds and pain, every one us can speak to the power of a father.  The relationship we have with our father affects us in profound ways. In this special Father's Day episode, Dr. Meg Meeker, author, renowned speaker, and pediatrician,  joins me Read More

Kelsey Hency was looking for a place to read and write. She couldn't find what she was looking for, so she created something new. Fathom, an online magazine for Christians who wrestle with the issues, who don't always find their voice in the current narratives, who perhaps ask more questions than they find answers. If Read More

Kristin Schell wants to be a front yard person. In an effort to do life in a way that was accessible to her neighbors, to facilitate relationships in their everyday experiences, she put a picnic table in her front yard and painted it turquoise. She had no idea that would become a movement of turquoise Read More