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The Open Door Podcast

There is a difference between the absence of fear and being "fearless". Kelly Balarie talks to The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast about what it means to fear just a little bit less with each decision and step, how worry and anxiety are rooted in fear, and how fear prevents us from loving others well. We Read More

  Shame is a buzz word in our culture, but do we really know what it is, and what it does to our inner self? What about our children? How does shame manifest itself in our kids, and does our parenting unintentionally foster that? Psychologist and author Kelly Flanagan joins me to break down the Read More

Mo Isom was a Division I college soccer player when she asked God to wreck her life. And that's exactly what he did. Mo was playing goalkeeper for Louisiana State University, her father had recently taken his own life and she was pondering the purpose in hers. She found herself upside down (literally!) in her Read More

You might be surprised to know the depths of Liz Curtis Higgs' story. This woman who has written more than 30 books, and is a popular conference speaker, had some difficult early adult years. Her attempts to find comfort and relief through self-destructive behaviors were interrupted when someone told her the truth of God's love Read More

  Do you want to learn to manage money better?  Do you want to know how to make your money work for you? Financial expert and author Ericka Young is visiting with sisterhood today to help.  Ericka is the president and founder of Tailor-Made Budgets which she opened in 2005 after she and her husband Read More

Heather Avis has learned that the lucky few are people who find God's wonder in unexpected places. A mom of three, in this episode we hear about Heather's adoption journey, how Down Syndrome entered her life, and what her first book The Lucky Few is all about. A fresh, candid, joy-filled voice of parenting in Read More

It can feel awkward knocking on a neighbor's door. Even more so if small talk is not your thing. For introverts the desire to love others well must be balanced with their own need for alone time to refuel. Kendra Broekhuis went into a 30-day challenge to love her neighbors unaware that her introverted tendencies Read More

If we could figure out the formula for how to be happy and execute that equation everyday we would.  But happiness isn't quite that easy.  There are many facets to what creates a happy life, a happy mind, and a happy environment.  It is one of the most universally desired emotions, and yet one of Read More

Sarah Jakes Roberts grew up in the spotlight. As the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes her teenage insecurities were fueled by living in the public eye. She became pregnant at 13, had her baby at 14 and began her parenting journey. Now the mom of 6 with her husband Touré Roberts, Sarah is maneuvering the Read More

Though Esther Fleece is in one of the happiest seasons of her life, having just exchanged wedding vows only a couple of months ago, this wasn't always the case. Abandoned by both of her parents by the time she was a teenager, Esther is no stranger to deep and profound loss. With heart-breaking honesty, Esther Read More