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The Open Door Podcast

Katie Davis Majors did an extraordinary thing as a young adult. Right after high school she moved from Nashville to Uganda and eventually adopted thirteen girls. Her story was chronicled in the New York Times Best Seller Kisses From Katie. But much has happened in her life since that book came out. She's gotten married Read More

If you've ever wondered if constant exposure to social media is having an effect on teenage girls, the answer is yes.    While we can't be sure of the depth of the impact, we do know that it contributes to feelings of low self-worth, the desire for approval, and perfectionism.  These, in turn, can lead Read More

Rachel Swanson was coloring with her daughter and searched for a devotional coloring book they could do together. She didn’t find anything on the market and decided to create one of her own. We hear how God prompted her to pursue this project and her journey became one of taking the next step, doing the Read More

In a world where bigger, louder, and more seems to be the goal, Sara Haggerty is on a quest to find the quiet, unseen places. Or more specifically, to meet God in those places. It’s hard to do when you have a house full of children. And yet even when we are surrounded by people Read More

The pursuit of art and creativity can be powerful tools when we are wading through difficult emotions and a journey of healing.  Today on the Hey Sister! show we discuss how art can help us look at scripture in fresh ways, how visuals can be a form of prayer, and how the act of practicing Read More

Shauna Shanks' life changed in an instant. The moment her husband told her he didn't want to be married anymore. No surprise, everything stopped. And in her cries out, God gave her a clarity to fight for her marriage by focusing on 1 Corinthians 13, a chapter in the Bible about love. Her discipline to Read More

What does it mean to honor your life? In this episode of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast we dive into this question with author and speaker Chrystal Evans Hurst. She starts by asking "Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered, 'Where did I go? Whose life am I living?'" After hearing from many Read More

Are you someone who has to move a lot because of a job?  Or maybe you are a military family who has to continually plant, and then uproot.  Or maybe you have recently made a decision to move because you want to be closer to family or friends.  Whatever the reason, today on Hey Sister Read More

Michelle Warren swears she's not political, that she simply wants to help her neighbors. It was this drive that thrust her into the advocacy square. As the Advocacy and Strategic Engagement Director for the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), Michelle directs national advocacy around platform issues: immigration, mass incarceration and education equity. Her desire to Read More

  Movement is healing according to Edie Littlefield Sundby. So when she was diagnosed with stage 4 gallbladder cancer, Edie began to walk. Her journey became a pilgrimage. A long and hot one along the El Camino Real Mission Trail. First through California and then through Mexico, making her the first person since the 1770s Read More