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The Open Door Podcast

Sarah Jakes Roberts grew up in the spotlight. As the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes her teenage insecurities were fueled by living in the public eye. She became pregnant at 13, had her baby at 14 and began her parenting journey. Now the mom of 6 with her husband Touré Roberts, Sarah is maneuvering the Read More

Though Esther Fleece is in one of the happiest seasons of her life, having just exchanged wedding vows only a couple of months ago, this wasn't always the case. Abandoned by both of her parents by the time she was a teenager, Esther is no stranger to deep and profound loss. With heart-breaking honesty, Esther Read More

Culture is talking about sex.  The music and movie industry is talking about sex -- all.the.time.  Is the church?  Are we communicating enough about what healthy sex looks like in marriage?  Real-life sex, not just how it is portrayed on the silver screen. Do men have a greater sex drive than women?  What is mutual sex Read More

Jessie Minassian just made a big move and finds herself nestled in the middle of a national forest, hours from anything more than a country store. Her relocation to Hume Lake with her family was a big transition, but an answer to her prayer of "Lord send me". A woman willing to join God in Read More

Founder of the IF:Gathering, author, and Bible teacher, Jennie Allen inspires women to encounter God. She works hard at the work in front of her and a few years ago realized she might be working too hard, trying to prove to everyone that she was good enough, up to the task. Her journey to let Read More

New York Times bestselling author and Proverbs 31 speaker, Karen Ehman, lives on alert. She waits to hear "heart drops", those hints that indicate a way to someone's heart, so she can best love those around her while managing the demands of her busy life. Karen is excellent at taking a broad topic like "loving Read More

Valentine's Day....a day of love! Whether you are snuggling up with a honey, making dozens of cookies for class parties, or wondering why we have this holiday in the first place, we invite you to join us for our first annual Things We Love! episode. This is about fun and practical. Please know that the Read More

We go into some interviews knowing the guest will offer The Open Door Sisterhood a wealth of wisdom. Author Patricia Raybon was one of those and so we jumped right into the big stuff. From race relations to divided families we wanted to make sure not a minute of this episode with one of our Read More

  It's February, and many of the New Year's Goals we created are starting to fade into the distant past.  Are you tired of setting goals and failing?  In this episode we talk about how to set goals that will actually stick, what the keys are to successful goal setting, and how we can address Read More

Designer and now author, Erin Loechner, is up these days (or we should say nights) with a baby. A baby she went to retrieve from the hospital as soon as she received a phone call. That seems to be how Erin's life works. From starting a website to a show on HGTV.com, Erin and her Read More