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The Open Door Podcast

It’s time to hit the books. If you are sending kids back to school, (or are the student in your house), the change from summer-mode to school-mode can be drastic. Podcast hosts Alex and Krista help us think through routines that will help families make that adjustment. Both moms of four kids, they cover everything Read More

Most of us are all to familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Whether it is due to our own decision making, unexpected news or events, or financial or emotional strain, this is a topic we intimately understand.  The problem with this state of mind is it takes us out of the game.  We succumb Read More

  Are you about to send your child off to college?  Or are you anticipating that time in the near future?   Author Carol Kuykendall is back for the second episode of this special two-part series where we discuss the joyful and complicated nature of letting go of our children as they move through the Read More

There is something about letting our children step into the world that feels counter to our parenting instincts. Author Carol Kuykendall has been speaking and writing on the topic of parenting and letting go for decades. The re-release of her popular book Give Them Wings: Preparing For the Time When Your Teens Leave Home offers Read More

The Bible tells us to pray, and we also seem to know that language intuitively in our spirits.  When something bad happens, what is the first thing most of us do?  Pray.  But what really is prayer?  And does it make a difference to God when we pray?  Also, does it matter HOW we pray Read More

Fear God, Live Brave. These are the principles that guide Katie Westenberg’s daily decisions. What does it mean to have courage? Is it the absence of fear? How about the fear of God? What does that look like? Though heavy questions, Katie examines them within the context of her small town, mom of four life Read More

Using meaningful rituals is one of the best ways to celebrate those milestone birthdays that mark a coming of age or “set apart” occasion.  In this interview, Krista explains how her extended family uses rituals to mark two very special birthdays. This episode will spark your creativity and help you think through how you can Read More

From motherhood to work life, Kayla Aimee has had to adapt to unexpected turns the last decade. Her first child arrived very early, a micro-preemie throwing her into the world of NICU mothering. Now a mom to two, Kayla and her husband recently switched roles in the work/home life and Kayla has gone from stay Read More

  Do you ever wonder how the next generation is going to grow up with a healthy view of sexuality?  Do you struggle  talking about sexuality yourself?  Sometimes we want to start conversations with those we love, but we just don’t have the words.  On this podcast we dive into the important and vulnerable topic Read More

Jamie Ivey is a woman on the go. Fellow mom of four, wife to worship pastor Aaron, creator and host of the very popular podcast, The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey, it’s no surprise she has lots of energy. She also has a refreshing honesty as she talks about her own journey, her struggles (both Read More