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The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast’s Most Popular Episodes

We love every single episode of the podcast. We truly do. We’ve tried to choose our favorites and frankly it’s impossible. So here’s the list of the Top 10 episodes based on the number of listens. When people have searched a topic, a guest, or simply seen an episode shared by a friend, they’ve often listened to one of these. So get ready to push play and listen in with the sisterhood on some of our most popular episodes:

  1. Ep. 51: Sister Interview with Sarah Jakes Roberts
  2. Ep. 165: Healthy Parenting in the New Year with David Thomas
  3. Ep. 174: Letting God Re-Write Our Pain with Kim Walker Smith
  4. Ep. 76: Mom Anger – Identifying Triggers & Helpful Tips
  5. Ep. 58: On Shame, Worthiness, Belonging & Purpose with Kelly Flanagan
  6. Ep. 181: On Anxiety and Depression with Kay Warren
  7. Ep. 125: What is Your Number? Understanding the Enneagram with Suzanne Stabile
  8. Ep. 180: Learning to Pivot in Marriage with Dave & Ann Wilson
  9. Ep. 156: Sister Interview with Candace Cameron Bure
  10. Ep. 43: Creating Goals That Stick

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