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Work Flip: Sister Straight Talk with Alex & Krista

Are you deciding whether to stay at a job or find something new? In this episode Krista and Alex shoot straight about what questions to ask and what you might want to consider as you make your choice.

The last episode in the Work Flip series, they also discuss how COVID19 has impacted their work lives, how narrowing margins push toward innovation, and ten ideas for quick cash.

If you are wrestling with your work life, this whole series is for you!

Andy Stanley Sermon on Clarity vs. Certainty (Leading Through Series)

Questions to Ask: Staying Put vs. Finding a New Job

Three Things to Consider:

A. Express what you need or want (advocacy and voice)

Say it to yourself first.  Clarify  – do you KNOW what you want / need?  Start there.

B. Consider if there are benefits to staying put that you would lose if you go somewhere else.  Unintended consequences of leaving.  

C. Consider risk tolerance.  Are you ready for that kind of change?  How do you know if you are ready…..  

Is my risk tolerance different than it was before?

Top 10 Job Ideas You Can Do Temporarily:

10. The Go-To Person (like my friend Ariana)

9.  Uber Driver or Door Dash

8.  Education Pod Leader

7.  InstaCart Personal Grocery Shopper

6. Dog Walker

5. Meal Maker – make meals for others (grill or casseroles)

4. Childcare / Nanny

3. VIPkid – online Tutor

2. Online Customer Service – Home based call center

1. Facebook Marketplace / Ebay – sell things – your own and others


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