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The 6-Week Live Summer Survival Series

Does the sound of summer send you into a cold sweat despite the sweltering heat? Kids at home, long days and lot of “Mom, I’m bored!”? We know how it is. Between us we have eight children ages four to seventeen and we’ve tackled our fair share of summer days.

Summer.Series.GraphicWe want to make the most of the time we have with our kids out of school – after all, there are only 18 summers we get with them, at best.  And if we aren’t careful, it will slip through our fingers, like fine sand on a windy day.

Through this series we will talk about how to squeeze as much joy, fun, learning, health, and exploration out of summer as we can.

Join us for a weekly live conversation on Wednesdays 12pm EST, 9am PST. This will be a live discussion format where we will provide tips and ideas, but it will also be a place where YOU can give tips, ask questions and learn from the group.

Listen to our first chat…


Here is a peek into the topics:

It’s always better to go in with a plan. How will you schedule your days? Your weeks? What are your goals for the summer? For you and for your family? We will provide some intentional strategies to approaching the summer to make sure you get out of it what you were hoping for.

  • Summer and Siblings

From referee to memory maker, moms can’t control sibling relationships, but they can shape them. For many households summer is the season with the most “together time.” This can create tension and opportunity for connection. We’ll look at how to use your influence to minimize sibling conflict and increase bonding during the long days together.

  • Using Summer Months to Teach Life Skills

Wait, we need to teach our kids to tie their shoes? And ride public transportation? And manage money? All by the time they need to leave the house? Summer is a great time to fit in those practical teachings that will allow them to be functioning adults someday. No matter the age of your children, moving them toward independence can be a fun adventure for mom and kids.

  • Turn It Off! How to Manage Technology During the Summer 

Our children become ninjas when it comes to media and summer. How do we possibly stay on top of their use? From implementing limits to using technology for good, we’ll look at how to develop some safeguards and strategies that not only protect our kids, but keep us from flushing their tablet down the toilet.

  • Work it out!  Using summer to promote health and fitness.

The weather is nice, and the opportunities are plentiful for hiking, biking, running, and swimming.  We will explore how to make summer exercise fun, how to get on top of healthy eating, and other ideas for promoting health and wellness as a family.

  • All Work and No Play Makes Mom…Well, No Fun!

With all of our goals and structure for the summer we sometimes forget to take a load off with our kids and play! A session full of ideas on how to do this for all ages. From preschoolers to teenagers we’ll have the ideas you need to be “fun mom” once in a while.



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