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All Work & No Play Makes Mom…No Fun! Summer Series #6


Why do we need to be intentional about summer and fun? Because the usual schedule is out the window and we can spend all of our time entertaining our kids that we put our own need for fun and rest aside. Summer is also the perfect time to be intentional about using longer pockets of togetherness to make some memories.

Here are our tips to surviving summer and adding fun with your kids:

  • Take a step outside the door. It leads to all kinds of adventures.
  • Create an unexpected experience (i.e. swimming in the rain).
  • Create mini-traditions that are specific to summer (i.e. pizza and pop night).
  • Be intentional about being silly and creating an environment of fun.
  • Have one-on-one time with each child to connect in their area of fun.
  • Schedule in fun and work to keep boundaries between the two.


Fun time with your spouse in the summer:

  • Lighten up. Smile at him. Laugh together.
  • Create time for intimacy (in the bedroom!)
  • Have 10 minutes of meaningful conversation each day.
  • Get away alone for 24-hours.
  • Enter his world.


Fun in the summer alone to recharge:

  • Get outside.
  • Sit by a campfire.
  • Do something creative.




Watch or listen to this episode in it’s entirety here:


Thank you for joining us for the 6-Week Summer Survival Series for Moms. We’ve loved chatting about what we do to make sure we make the most of summer with our families while enjoying the different rhythm of the season. Welcome to the sisterhood!

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