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Welcome to the Sisterhood Baby Girl: A Letter to a Daughter | by Crystal Miller

Dearest daughter of mine,

You, my sweet princess, are a most perfect masterpiece.  Everything about you is pure magic. I have longed for you and have prayed for you since the moment I knew you were being knit together within me. I will spend all of the days of my life thanking the Lord for the marvelous gift that is you.  There is no one in the history of the world who is, or will ever be like you, beloved.  Though you are still tiny, your purpose here is anything but small.  The Lord holds the pen, poised to write a most meaningful story into existence, and somehow I was chosen to be the one you call “mama”- the one to take a front row seat and watch it all unfold.  Your story is just beginning, but I believe it is full of great potential and will turn out to be a worthwhile and exciting read!  My dreams and wishes for you are as numerous as the stars and will continue to grow with you as you reach higher and aim further.

baby 2 baby 3  baby1
For now, I will hold you in my arms and gaze at your beauty, and pray that time will somehow slow down or stop altogether, so you can stay my baby girl.  I never want to forget the way you snuggle into my body as our chests rise and fall together as one miraculous breath, or your scent that sweetly fills the air, or how it feels when your porcelain skin and feather soft hair brushes my cheek.  I promise myself to cherish these fleeting moments, and forget about the dishes piled in the sink, or the mounds of laundry stacked outside the door, or the dinner that needs to be cooked, or even the fact that I haven’t showered for four straight days.  After all, those things will still be there, no matter what, but before I know it, I will blink and you will be walking and talking, then heading out the door to your first day of school, then graduating and leaving for college, and finally leaving this house to pursue your next chapter in life.  When that time comes, I don’t want to have any regrets, I hope never to waste a single second or wish the challenging moments away, but instead spend these days building precious memories that will last a lifetime.  Therefore, we will giggle until our faces hurt, we will eat cake for breakfast, play make-believe, dress up, and dance until our legs give out!

baby 5
Baby girl, this world can be a cruel place, and not everyone will understand your story, not everyone will see your true, and immeasurable value, but it no less diminishes your worth, because, no one, but Jesus gives you your significance.  You are not the labels others place on you, so refuse to allow them to stick.  Rather, my dear, walk confidently in your nobility, knowing you were born into royalty.  You are a princess of the most high King, and He is, and will always be, relentless to capture your heart and win your total affections, so that in your final chapter, He can place a crown on your head. He has a unique space in this world carved out just for you, so fill that space with grace, humility, light and gentleness.  He has destined you for greatness, and has designed an important role only you can play.  Therefore, put all your hope and trust in Him and He will carry you through the triumphs as well as the tragedies of this life.  He will plant your feet firmly in His love to enable you to radiate His beauty to this broken and hurting world, and become a display of His awesome splendor to all you meet.  Stay rooted therefore in His love, and no matter where your wings take you or how far you soar, He will remain your constant anchor.  I wish I could promise you that nothing and no one will ever hurt you, but difficulties and heartache are inevitable, they will become an opportunity to choose hope when all seems hopeless, an opportunity to persevere, when everything begs of you to give up.  In the face of such challenges, let not your heart be troubled, but instead be bold, be courageous, and conduct yourself with dignity and show kindness to all you come into contact with. Above all, hang in there sweetheart and be confident that He is writing a most epic story, even if the ending seems unclear.

baby flowrsCrystal and baby
My goal, dear one, is to both serve and love you in that same sacrificial and unconditional manner in which Jesus served and loved.  I want you to know Jesus and walk with Him faithfully all the days of your life.  Consequently, I will do whatever I can to share with you in word and in deed, the good news of the Gospel. However, my beloved, I know there will be times I fail or even hurt you along the way, though never intentionally, and that is where I will rely on others to step in and help guide you.  They will be strong in areas where I am weak.  I am referring to my sisters, and now, your sisters.  Our sisters have stood by me, they have fought for my liberty in Jesus, they have loved me unconditionally, without any strings attached.  They have continually pointed me back to the cross and have been the hands and feet of Jesus, caring for my heart in the fiercest, yet most tender of ways.  Our sisters have prayed for me-and they have prayed for you.  And so, realize, you are never alone angel, you are surrounded by a community of twelve beautiful souls scattered throughout the nation.  From this time on, they too will be written into your story, because they are and will always be a vital part of my own story.  Welcome to the sisterhood little one.  We all cannot wait to watch you live your story!!



See Crystal’s beautiful video tribute to her daughter here. You won’t want to miss it.

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Crystal MillerCrystal Miller is the mama to three in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She captures photos and speaks to audiences around the world. You can connect with her at




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