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Sister Interview: Emily Ley



Emily Ley is a woman who understands busy. As the founder of Emily Ley Paper, Inc. and The Simplified Planner, she runs a business while parenting three children under five. And she recently released her first book, Grace Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy. It helps that her business is centered around women simplifiying their lives, she knows the systems that work.

A jam packed episode of helpful tips, from Sunday night routines to saying “no” to good things, Emily tells us how she developed a planner with the busy woman in mind. She doesn’t over-complicate the life management tool, she (no surprise) keeps it simple. And as a busy woman she practices what she preaches.

You are sure to find Emily charming, inspirational and full of ideas on how to live with a posture of grace over a posture of perfection.

To find Emily head over to her webiste or connect with her Instagram.

You can listen to this episode with Emily on iTunes. Just click here!

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