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Hey Sister! Happiness 101: What It Is & How To Get It

If we could figure out the formula for how to be happy and execute that equation everyday we would.  But happiness isn’t quite that easy.  There are many facets to what creates a happy life, a happy mind, and a happy environment.  It is one of the most universally desired emotions, and yet one of the hardest to achieve.

Happiness expert, and author of The Happiness Dare, Jennifer Dukes Lee, joins me on this episode to break down the question, what exactly is happiness and how do we get it?  What elements in life create happiness, and which ones destroy it?  What does God have to say about happiness?  Isn’t He more concerned with our character than our personal happiness?

Jennifer also walks us through her happiness quiz.  Learn to identify your happiness style and why that is important as you relate to the world and the people around you.  You may be surprised at what makes you feel truly happy!

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Happiness is an outward expression of inward joy

Artwork of Jesus laughing:


Which are you: a doer, a relater, an experiencer, a thinker, or a giver?

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  1. Katherine Jones says:

    Jennifer! How fun to find you here today. You and Krista provided this Doer some happiness today. xo

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