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Sister Interview: Heather Avis

Heather Avis has learned that the lucky few are people who find God’s wonder in unexpected places. A mom of three, in this episode we hear about Heather’s adoption journey, how Down Syndrome entered her life, and what her first book The Lucky Few is all about. A fresh, candid, joy-filled voice of parenting in the everyday, Heather will feel like an instant friend. She reminds us all that sometimes the fear of the unknown is much worse than the reality of what God has for us in it. In fact that very thing we fear can become the vehicle for us to experience more of God’s grace.

A conversation every mom will be able to relate to, Heather is an advocate for adoption and for parenting kids with special needs. She has developed an Instagram account, Macy Makes My Day, intended to show the positive side of life with Down Syndrome. Through this account she has gained friends and community that have spilled into her physical life as well. We talk Sundance Film Festival swag (we all want to know, right?!), Trader Joe’s, and California livin’.

Whether a mom of a typically developing child, or one with special needs, you will gain some encouragement and ideas about how you can advocate for all kids in your community. Whether a mom through birth or adoption, you will hear your own story in Heather’s as she talks love and strong-willed kids. Whether a mom or not, you will be reminded that the lucky few find God in unexpected places.

You can learn about Heather through her website and Instagram.

Listen to our interview with Heather over on iTunes.

Here are a few things you heard mentioned on the show:

Fellowship Monrovia

Her Instagram account @macymakesmyday

March 21st! World Down Syndrome Day

Heather’s new book The Lucky Few: Finding God’s Best in the Most Unlikely Places


Sundance Film Festival

Amazon’s Alexa

Trader Joe’s premade lentils, bruschetta, and dry pesto tortellini

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