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Sister Interview: Lisa Jo Baker

Lisa-Jo Baker knows a few things about friendship. As the manager of the (in)courage community she has set a space for women to experience belonging in both the online space and real world arena. Her new book, Never Unfriended, tackles the tricky dynamics of female friendships: why are they important, the roadblocks to finding, growing and sustaining healthy relationships, and how we can move past those blocks toward healthy, mutual friendships.

In our conversation with Lisa-Jo we hear about her most recent move in the D.C. area, how that put her in a position to look for new friends and how awkward always plays a part in that process. We cover reaching out to the “new girl” when our lives already feel full, how to move past friendship wounds from the past, and how God meets our needs in ways no friend (or husband or child or parent) ever can.

We are sure you will love Lisa-Jo as much as we do. She is honest, fun and insightful as she talks through a topic all women must deal with: friendships. Whether you feel confident in this area or can name specific wounds from the past, you will gain insight into how to be a good friend to others while experiencing the joy of God-gifted friendships.

You can read more of Lisa-Jo’s writing at her website. Also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to our conversation with Lisa-Jo on iTunes here.

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