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Sister Interview: Kelsey Hency

Kelsey Hency was looking for a place to read and write. She couldn’t find what she was looking for, so she created something new. Fathom, an online magazine for Christians who wrestle with the issues, who don’t always find their voice in the current narratives, who perhaps ask more questions than they find answers. If you are a reader, a person who wonders, a question asker, even a doubter, join us for this conversation with Kelsey. You won’t be disappointed.

In this hour we cover Kelsey’s journey to create Fathom, some great reads and her favorite cookbooks. (Spoiler alert: both she and Krista have made marshmallows from scratch, Alex is nowhere in their culinary category.) We talk about curiosity, how to utilize the people around you when working within the limits of your actual life, and of course a few cooking tips. Kelsey may be as close to a Renaissance woman as the sisterhood as yet to find. She covers art, writing, seminary, living overseas and the candy thermometer in less than hour.

We are sure you will be just as smitten with Kelsey as we now are. Click over and listen to our episode with her.

You can find that episode here on iTunes.

You can connect with Kelsey at Fathom Magazine’s website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. To submit to Fathom magazine email them at

Fathom also has a PODCAST as well! Check it out!  

A few things you heard on the show:

Fathom Magazine

University of Arkansas

Dr. Sandra Glahn of Dallas Theological Seminary

Artist Oliver Jeffers

Trinity West in London

What Friends Are For by Abby Perry

Issue 6 of Fathom: Vision

Let’s Get the Girl by Hannah Anderson

Scandalized Reading by Jessica Houton-Wilson

Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul by Hannah Anderson

Hidden Figures movie

Neighbor’s Table

Bon Apetit magazine and editor Adam Rapoport with the Healthyish take

The FauxMartha

Ina Garten

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Kitchen Aid

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