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Sister Interview: Ann Swindell

What happens when prayers aren’t being answered? At least in the way we are asking God to answer them? When the circumstances we desperately want to change, don’t? In this episode we talk about this with our guest Ann Swindell. Her new book, Still Waiting, is birthed from her own experience of moving through life within the context of unanswered prayers. Where she has been still waiting.

We talk with Ann about living with trichotillomania, postpartum depression, and years of unanswered prayers. This is a conversation about calling out what we hope for and trusting God regardless of his timing. This is not a faith for the faint of heart. But one that believes God is good regardless of circumstances because that is his nature. There’s no question this is the part of life that is hard. We are here to talk about the difficult places.

For the woman who is crying out to God and waiting for his answers. For the woman who wants to be compassionate to her sister on that journey. For the woman who needs to be reminded that God’s promises are dependable, but don’t always arrive in the packaging we expect. This is the sisterhood.

To connect with Ann, find her on her website, the Writing With Grace site, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

As always, you can hear this interview over on iTunes. Just click over.

A few things you heard mentioned on the show:

Wheaton College

Seattle Pacific University

Writing With Grace

The Influence Network

Ann’s book: Still Waiting: Hope For When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want

The fan app

Ann’s Taco Skillet recipe (a link to the one she follows)

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