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Hey Sister! How to Talk to Your Teens About Sex & Other Issues

As our teenagers grow, we do our best to set them up for success for life.  We teach them to drive, set up a bank account, help them learn about car insurance and credit, and offer support for college applications.  But what about an issue equally important, that could profoundly affect the rest of their lives?   Do we spend the same amount of intentional energy and time talking to our teens and young adults about sex?

Tracy Levinson, author of Unashamed – Candid Conversations about Dating, Love, Nakedness, and Faith, joins Hey Sister! today to speak candidly and directly about the most pressing issues surrounding this topic.  You will be surprised, and maybe even blush a little, as we dive honestly into issues not frequently talked about in a public space.

Whether you are a parent of young children, looking to prepare and equip, or you are in the midst of the teen/young adult years, this podcast will embolden you with courage and hope.

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You can listen to my conversation with Tracy on iTunes  here.

Some things you heard on the show:

Unashamed – Candid Conversation About Dating, Love, Nakedness, and Faith


How to Have a Healthy Sex Life in Marriage – a podcast episode with Dorothy Greco

God’s Design for Sex Series

Passport to Purity – a Weekend Designed for Parent and Child

The Blaze



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