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Sister Interview: Sara Hagerty

In a world where bigger, louder, and more seems to be the goal, Sara Haggerty is on a quest to find the quiet, unseen places. Or more specifically, to meet God in those places. It’s hard to do when you have a house full of children. And yet even when we are surrounded by people we can feel unseen. It’s these moments of feeling misunderstood, invisible or overlooked that we can find God has not forgotten about us.

This interview is in a word: delightful. Sarah’s humor, combined with her earnest pursuit of God’s purposes for her, are both endearing and inspiring. She shares about feeling invisible along her journey of infertility, her adoption story, and then surprise pregnancy process, and her new book Unseen. A beautiful reminder that God knows us and is with us when it feels the world has forgotten our pain.

You won’t want to miss this sister interview. It is both practical and inspirational, just how we like to do it here at the sisterhood. And don’t forget to find Sarah’s newest book.

To connect with Sarah, find her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

You can listen to this episode and other on iTunes.

A few things you heard mentioned on the show:

Sarah’s books: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet: Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things

Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to be Noticed

Center for Christian Studies at the University of Virginia

You have searched me, Lord,
    and you know me.”Psalm 139:1

Peacemakers International

The Minimalist Shoes by Merrill

Her Memory of Music: A Note to ReadersWe are excited to share a new novel that delves into the multi-layered emotional nuances of contemporary relationships from single motherhood to infertility, domestic abuse, and even human trafficking. Katherine Scott Jones’ debut novel, Her Memory of Music (Redemption Press), introduces a young mother, Ally Brennan, whose past catches up with her and threatens the stability of her new life with her young son. A burglary sets off situations that increase Ally’s vulnerability in a small village on an island in Puget Sound. Her secret fears and the regret for the musical career and family relationships she abandoned shadow her as she makes new friends. Dark moments and disappointments are deftly balanced with hope and grace as Ally learns to open her heart to trust God and others.

Author Katherine Scott Jones, a blogger (and our very own Blog Editor), and freelance writer, says, “Like many women, I wrestle with fear, at the root of which is a distrust of God’s goodness.” She hopes readers will identify with Ally’s story and realize God fights our battles and makes a way even when we don’t see a way. Find this beautiful book on Amazon.

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