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Hey Sister! A Look At The Impact Of Social Media On Teen Girls

If you’ve ever wondered if constant exposure to social media is having an effect on teenage girls, the answer is yes.    While we can’t be sure of the depth of the impact, we do know that it contributes to feelings of low self-worth, the desire for approval, and perfectionism.  These, in turn, can lead to other self-harming behaviors.

After realizing that her daughter had an eating disorder, Kristen Hatton decided to investigate what lay beneath the surface of her own child’s issue, and along the way discovered that the feelings her teen was battling was a common experience for many teen girls.

We discuss how story can lead to better conversations about important topics in the home, how enabling differs from helping, and why it’s important to create a culture where it is OK to fail.  Don’t miss this important episode!

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You can find Kristen on her website on on Facebook: @kristenbhatton

A few things you heard mentioned on this episode:





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