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Sister Interview: Becky Kiser

Becky Kiser is a woman who does the next thing in front of her. When she looks back to see the ground she’s covered, she’s surprised and sometimes overwhelmed. But she focuses back on the next step. Becky is the founder and CEO of Sacred Holidays, she’s a certified Myers-Briggs Personal Coach, and a mom to three girls. She is a woman on a mission to keep Scripture in front of other women. Whether a prison, or a Christmas tea, Becky’s hope is to keep women filled.

In this episode we talk Myers-Briggs types, what childcare looks like, being open about what makes the spinning plates of life work. From Sacred Holidays to writing projects we break down how Becky takes that next step, does that hard thing, in order to be a world changer for good right were she is. Both insightful and funny, creative and intentional, and a Thinker on the Myers-Briggs personality type, she is uniquely wired to do the work set in front of her. She is a joy to listen to and we are thrilled to have her as part of the sisterhood.

You won’t want to miss this interview that is classic Open Door Sisterhood. Part practical and part inspirational, Becky Kiser is a woman we are happy to introduce you to.

You can connect with Becky on Instagram and Facebook.

You can listen to our interview with Becky on iTunes here.

A few things you heard mentioned on the show:



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Charm Prison Ministry

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Camp Well

Beth Moore

Tresemee dry shampoo

NYX liquid suede lipstick, color: pink lust

Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July

This Is Us

Netlix series, When Calls The Heart

Little House on the Prarie

Nordstrom brand leggings with wide band waist

Trader Joe’s


Becky Kiser’s Guacamole:


Avocado, diced cherry tomatoes, jalapenos chopped with seeds removed, cilantro, lime juice and lemon juice.


Mix and mash

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