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Hey Sister! How to Cultivate Kindness at Christmas and All Year Long

Kindness is a virtue we recognize immediately.  It warms the soul, refreshes the heart, and provides solace.  We love to be on the receiving end of kindness, but it is equally important to be on the giving end.  Today Kendra Roehl, Julie Fisk, and Kristin Demery and I discuss why practicing kindness is not only good for our children, but for our own hearts as well.  We get very practical on how we can incorporate this virtue into the life we are already living, with the people right in front of us.

Whether you are hosting a big family gathering, serving at church, or simply spending time with your kids at home, Christmas is a perfect time to incorporate intentional acts of kindness.  This episode will inspire and encourage as you round the corner toward December 25th.

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Some things we talked about on the show:

Print Here: 10 Ways to Be Kind When You’re Tired

Print the Kindness Dare:   Kindness-Dare
I love how practical these are – we hope you take the time to print them off and put them up somewhere you can read them often!
Here are two other free printable resources:

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