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The Healthy Way Series: Healthy Eating & Whole 30

Kara Hicks is passionate about feeding her family well. And she’s just as passionate about helping you do the same. Known on Instagram by the handle @kara_thewholemomma, she offers other moms tips on making meals and snacks approachable and healthy through a whole food diet.

If Whole 30 sounds intimidating to you, don’t worry Kara talks through doable steps and how it can be modified with families in mind. She’s realistic about the challenges of a full Whole 30 diet, but offers ways to implement small steps if the idea of eating better sounds appealing. As with all of our guests on The Healthy Way series, Kara gives three easy next steps women can do if they are wanting to have a healthier diet but are overwhelmed at the prospect of changing everything.

From sugar content in yogurt, to a whole foods alternative to flavored coffee creamers, we cover it all. We even talk Diet Coke and deoderant. Whether looking for a food revamp in your new year, or simply wanting some encouragement to make a few small yet significant changes, this episode is perfect. It is a sister-to-sister, we can take this next step together, kind of conversation and we don’t want you to miss it.

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A few things you heard mentioned on the show:

Whole 30

Avocado Oil

Erytheritol sweetener



Soda stream

Grocery Outlet

Thrive Market

Zaycon Fresh

Rachel Ray

Food Network

The Environmental Working Group

Theo chocolate 

It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

Meyer’s Cleaning Products

Schmidt’s deodorant

Piper Wai deodorant

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