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Hey Sister: Infertility, Miscarriage, & Childlessness with Chelsea Patterson Sobolik

Some couples choose to be childless in our culture, but when this decision is not made by choice, it can be devastating.  Almost 5 million couples in the US experience infertility at some point in their marriage, and many more suffer miscarriages, or the loss of children.  Some singles who are moving beyond child-bearing years also mourn the idea that they will not get to experience biological parenthood.

Whether you or someone you know is navigating childlessness, this conversation with Chelsea Patterson Sobolik will be a ray of hope.  Receiving life-altering news at age 19,   Chelsea is no stranger to the deep pain that accompanies barrenness.  While her story may be different than yours, you will find the common threads of disappointment, struggle, grief, and sadness to be the same.

Krista also shares a personal story in this interview that became a defining moment in her life (caution: she cries more than she has in any other interview to date).

From her office on Capitol Hill, Chelsea provides some helpful resources for walking through childlessness, offers suggestions of what we can do to support foster care and adoption, and helps us know what NOT to say to a woman struggling with this issue.

You can find Chelsea on Twitteror Instagram.

Listen to my conversation with Chelsea on iTunes  here.

A few things you heard mentioned on the show:

Longing for Motherhood

No More Faking Fine

Michael Card A Sacred Sorrow

Russell Moore Adopted for Life

Timothy Keller Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering

To find ways to connect with foster care in your area, Google {your state’s name}, Foster Care, non- profits

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