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Hey Sister! How to Have Healthy Conversations about Sexuality with Your Family & Others with Rodney Wright


Do you ever wonder how the next generation is going to grow up with a healthy view of sexuality?  Do you struggle  talking about sexuality yourself?  Sometimes we want to start conversations with those we love, but we just don’t have the words.  On this podcast we dive into the important and vulnerable topic of healthy sexuality with honesty and candor.

Pastor and Pure Desire speaker Rodney Wright joins us to help clarify shame vs. guilt, what intimacy really is and how we move toward it in relationships, and how an understanding of neuroscience matters when it comes to pornography and addiction.  We also talk about why early intervention is critical, when a behavior is a problem rather than a pattern.

If you are a parent, you can’t miss this episode.   But really, don’t we all need it?  Any human who struggles in big or small ways in the area of healthy sexuality will benefit from this discussion.  Let’s learn how to talk about this together and how we can foster helpful and faith-filled conversations in our homes and relationships.

You can contact Rodney Wright at

Or to find out more about Rodney visit the website for Lake City Community Church


Some things you heard on the show:

Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction

Digital Natives: Raising an Online Generation

Metanoia – “repentance” in the Greek


Good Pictures Bad Pictures






7 Pillars of Betrayal and Beyond

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Stories of Women and Portraits of Hope

Stories of Men and Portraits of Hope

Cliff and Joyce Penner –

The Shack

William Paul Young

The Conquer Series




Pure Desire Universities

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