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Hey Sister! Using Rituals to Mark Special Birthdays

Using meaningful rituals is one of the best ways to celebrate those milestone birthdays that mark a coming of age or “set apart” occasion.  In this interview, Krista explains how her extended family uses rituals to mark two very special birthdays.

This episode will spark your creativity and help you think through how you can incorporate meaningful traditions into your family or community for birthday celebrations.  Krista discusses the importance of ritual and how it deepens connections and provides a sense of belonging.  She then moves to the practical application of what her family does to mark the 13th and 18th birthdays of all of the children in her family.

Whether planning a child’s birthday or an adult’s, you will be inspired to think of your own unique way of incorporating ritual and tradition to elevate the important moment and transform it into an unforgettable occasion.





Some things you heard on the show:

Turning 13 – a meaningful way to usher in the teen years (Krista’s blog post on the ritual).


How do you use rituals to celebrate milestone birthdays?  Tell us in the comments!



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