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Hey Sister! The Success Guide for Back to School

It’s time to hit the books. If you are sending kids back to school, (or are the student in your house), the change from summer-mode to school-mode can be drastic. Podcast hosts Alex and Krista help us think through routines that will help families make that adjustment. Both moms of four kids, they cover everything from school lunches to their own grief at another summer done.

In true Open Door Sisterhood fashion this conversation is part practical, part inspirational as Krista and Alex speak to the why and how of getting families ready for the school year. You’ll hear Krista’s five things she does every morning and why Alex has a hair appointment this week (hint: it has to do with having something to look forward to after first day drop off). How do we manage the new level of crazy that comes with fall? This episode will give you some insight into how our hosts tackle the new year.

Sister, don’t be afraid to make this school year about you too. This is a fresh start to focus on some areas of life that you want to tackle with fresh oomph. Take that next step, do that hard thing, so you can be a world changer for good right where you are. Whether that is in the carpool rotation or the office cubicle, this can be a great “year” to do something new or re-focus on an old passion. Made with you in mind, you won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind Back to School episode.

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A few things you heard mentioned on the show:

Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School by David & Kelli Pritchard

How to run a cooking group (Krista’s video from

Beaver mustard

Lunchbox notes

DaKine Backpacks (girls and boys):

Pro King Sharpe Markers (marks on wet and oily surfaces too)

Personalized Student Planners $18 – Plum Paper

A Car Organizer – a MUST!

And a good car garbage

Sport Umbrella – golf umbrellas are the very best:

Stadium blanket (waterproof on one side, plush on the other)

Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair

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