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Hey Sister! Crafting a Two Word Purpose Statement

Do you struggle with knowing what is your best yes?  Do you have a vision for where you want your life to go?  Successful businesses know what they value, know where they are headed, and can articulate it clearly.  We can do the same as individuals.

On the podcast Mary Tomlinson, former Disney Executive and President of On-Purpose Partners, coaches us on how to create our own two-word purpose statement that will give us direction and clarity for our lives.  The first part of the interview features Mary’s coaching.  The second part is a “workshop” where Alex and Krista talk about how they landed on their personal purpose statements.

You may be surprised by how much this simple phrase will help you as you navigate life!

You can listen to the podcast interview on iTunes or below.  

You can connect with Mary on Twitter or LinkedIn

You can listen to our conversation with Mary on iTunes.

Whole Hearted Purpose by Mary Tomlinson







The Enneagram

The On Purpose Person – Kevin McCarthy

Women Doing Well Movement

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