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Shopping With a Purpose: Bethany Tran and Sabrina Dorman-Andrew

We know you are looking for meaningful gifts this time of year and so we want to introduce you to some sisters who will not only help you find beautiful, handcrafted items, they will also allow you to be a world changer for good right where you are. This episode features two women who are using retail as a way to employ others and then giving us the chance to partner with them by creating a market for these items that we can participate in.

Bethany Tran is the founder of The Root Collective, a custom shoe company with shoes made in Guatemala. Her travels five years ago led her to the slums in Guatemala City. Bethany knew people there needed jobs and wished someone would do something about creating them. She realized her passion for this issue was part of God’s prompting to use her connections and talent to create a marketplace in the U.S. for Guatemalan made shoes.

Sabrina Dorman-Andrew was working fulltime and parenting her two three-year old daughters when her husband heard a woman at their church speak about sex trafficking in Uganda. Sabrina’s efforts to sell Ugandan-made beads to support women leaving the sex trade opened her eyes to the world of trafficking. She now has two storefronts and an online store that carry fair trade products and products made by women at risk of being trafficked. From buying her first building (a story you shouldn’t miss) to her new connections in Maldova, Sabrina continues to be surprised at God’s provision and faithful leading.

If you want a little inspiration this holiday season, this is the episode for you. And if you want some tips on where to shop you came to the right place too.

Connect with Bethany here

and Sabrina here.

You can hear this episode on iTunes.

A few things mentioned on the show:

The Root Collective

Lemonade International

Half the Sky

New Creation

Polaris Project

Shared Hope International

Thistle Farms

The Art Story Line

black tassle hoop earrings


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