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Hey Sister! Spring Organizing 101 with Tracy McCubbin

Hooray, it’s spring! And you and I both know what that means: spring cleaning. Or in our case today, organizing.

Tracy McCubbin, owner of LA’s #1 organizational company, guides us through the process of de-cluttering. But this episode isn’t just about throwing stuff out, Tracy is also in the business of putting good in.

We discuss why people hold on to things they don’t need, what happens in our brains and bodies when there is an overload, and why we must schedule in time to de-clutter. We also discuss how to find out what an item is worth, and when it isn’t worth it to try and sell it

Use this seasonal trend to your advantage and join us in decluttering our lives.

Appraisal Companies:



Association of Independent Appraisers

Ebay (search item and see how many of that item are listed, price of SOLD item)

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