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Learning to Pivot in Marriage with Dave & Ann Wilson

Marriage is often one part Hallmark channel to three parts messy, especially if you’ve been married for a while. The goal is to grow in grace, grow in love, and grow in depth as the years pass, but in order for this to happen, we need to learn how to pivot.

Dave and Ann Wilson, cofounders of Kensington Church and Family Life Weekend to Remember speakers, share with raw honesty about their rocky beginning and their journey toward growth and wholeness in their marriage.

As an NFL chaplain for the Detroit Lions, Dave understands that successful marriages have nothing to do with money or power, but rather humble servitude, kind words, and lots of cheerleading.

Some Things You Heard On The Show:

Vertical Marriage by Dave & Ann Wilson


Athletes in Action

Family Life Marriage Conference

Orange Theory Fitness

Rick Warren Purpose Driven Life

Kay Warren


Some quotes from the show:

If you want to develop your walk with God, do something daily, weekly, and annually. – Rick Warren

Divert daily, withdraw weekly, abandon annually

“Once a day, pray together.”

“The most romantic thing you can do for your wife is initiate prayer.”

Check in – ask the question – “How do you think we are doing?”

Ask the question:  “God, should I say this?”

“Men go where they’re cheered.”  -Dave Wilson

“I just started thanking Dave for things that before I would have thought ‘that’s his job!’

“Our spouse should know how much God loves him by the way you treat him.”

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