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The Mental Health Series: Preventing suicide with Joannie DeBrito from Focus on the Family

One of the troubling aspects of suicide is that not all people display obvious signs that they are at risk. There are some behaviors we can watch for, however, and some measures we can take to help curb the alarming growing statistics of suicidal deaths.

Joannie DeBrito, the Director of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family, and co-creator of Alive to Thrive: a curriculum about suicide prevention, joins us to talk through all aspects of this troubling topic.

This is a hard conversation to have, sisters. We know. Yet, as the church, we have a responsibility to be equipped and informed surrounding the topic of suicide so that we can help bring light and hope to hurting people, some of whom are living in our same circles or even homes.

Do you know the signs? Do you know what to do or say if you suspect someone is suicidal? Do you know what resources are out there? What help is there for someone who is contemplating suicide? Join us and let’s all learn together.

This information could save a life.

Alive to Thrive Suicide Prevention Curriculum

Some things you heard on the show:

Podcast interview on parenting with David Thomas

3 Ways to Identify When Someone is Struggling:

Consistence – how long has this behavior lasted?

Persistence –does the behavior cross environments

Interuption – how much is this interfering with their normal life? ie. not sleeping, eating, have fun, etc.

Heartbeat: Survivors After Suicide – a program that reaches out to family members after suicide

A great phrase to use when talking to your teen:

“Tell me about __________”

Net Nanny


Covenant Eyes

PluggedIn: A Parent’s Guide to Today’s Technology

A Parent’s Guide to 13 Reasons Why

Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255

Jean Twenge – Generation Me

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