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Welcome Our New Blog Editor!

The Open Door Sisterhood is just that: a sisterhood. Women from around the country (and even a few from outside the U.S.) have made investments with their time and talents to bring you content that is part practical and part inspirational. Lauryn Kopp is one of those women.

Lauryn has volunteered with the sisterhood in some editorial capacities and now is moving into the role of Blog Editor. She brings with her a love of words, women, and God. What more could we ask for in an editor? We’d like you to get to know this member of our team, so as Lauryn steps into her new role we are asking her to introduce herself to you, the blog reader.

We are sure you will find Lauryn to be a trusted, insightful voice as she curates voices in this online space.

With gratitude,

-Alex and Krista

Take it away Lauryn!

Hey, readers! What an honor to be a part of this sisterhood, a sisterhood built upon inspiring one another and encouraging each other to “take that next step, do that hard thing, and be a world changer for good, right where we are.” So many times I have often wondered what it would be like to have a sister, or to be involved in a community of women where competition and gossip is replaced by humble acceptance and loving encouragement. Here at the Open Door Sisterhood, I discovered that the sisterhood I had only ever hoped for was a reality.

While I don’t have any biological sisters, I do have one younger brother, and I can’t imagine life without him. Having graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from the University of Idaho only weeks ago, I am delighted to be back home for a year, taking a breather from academia and working for a year in the beautiful valley of Wenatchee, Washington, nestled between the Cascade mountains.

As a writer and nature adventurer, I find that these two interests of mine often intersect. Every time I venture outdoors – whether it be to my back porch or onto the hiking trails of the surrounding mountains – I can’t escape the splendor of our God’s creation nor the writer’s tingling in my fingers to capture the moment in my journal. Due to a family crisis, writing has become not only a hobby of mine, but a way for me to communicate with my Heavenly Father and to reflect on all that he has done, and indeed, is doing in my life. My life is messy, yet through written reflection and mindful awareness of God in the every day, I have been humbled by miracles that seemed impossible, blessed by joy in the toughest of trials, and reminded of just how often I need my Heavenly Father to grasp my hand and pick me up when I fall.

Sisters in Christ and fellow readers, may we all be the hands and feet of Jesus, guiding one another in love and encouraging each other when the world seeks to pull us down. We all need support, and it is my hope that as you hear the voices of writers journeying through all stages of life and embarking on new adventures that God has called them towards, that you will be inspired to be that “world changer for good, right where you are.”


Lauryn Davis Kopp

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