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Hey Sister! Must Have Conversations With Your Son or Daughter with Vicki Courtney

Generation Z is the first group in history to grow up in post-Christian America. They are also considered the first “digital natives.” This influences culture, and culture influences our children. As parents it is vital that we learn how to communicate and walk alongside in a way that equips and empowers.

Eight years ago Vicki Courtney released two wildly successful books that handed parents five conversations they needed to have with their son or daughter. What Vicki didn’t know is how quickly culture would evolve. She was recently asked to revise the books and proceeded to add sixty percent new material. She shares with the sisterhood what she learned about our children’s generation.

Whether your child is five or fifteen, you will greatly benefit from the wisdom discussed in this episode. A must listen for every parent!

Some Things You Heard On The Show:

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son

Barna Research

Let’s help our kids learn to ask the question, “Is this good for my soul?” – Vicki Courtney

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