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The Secret To A Better Christmas with Krista Gilbert & Alexandra Kuykendall

We’re beating the Christmas stress this year. Do you want to join us? Bring on the joy, peace, and merry! One of the primary ways we plan to do this is by employing a concept called “third way thinking.”

The third way is about getting creative, opening up possibilities, and planning. We like this concept here at The Sisterhood, and we really like it as we discuss how to do the Christmas season better.

In this episode we cover expectations vs. expectancy, how to navigate difficult dynamics around scheduling Christmas, planning for traditions, and what it might look like to rethink gift giving.

It may seem early to be talking about and planning for Christmas, but come December you’ll be so glad you did. A peek into what we’ll be covering in The Christmas Remake, this conversation will get you ready for “less stress and more memories” this season.

The Christmas Remake: Less Stress, More Memories

Loving My Actual Christmas

Some quotes from the show:

high expectations = high disappointment

Expectancy – looking where God is at work and celebrating it and accepting it as a gift.

“Christmas is a miracle we are celebrating. If we are expectant with that hope and good news, we will leave the holiday season more refreshed than when we entered it.”

“What do I have that I can be generous with and that I can offer to other people?”

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