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Sister Interview: Kathryn Freeman

On this Election Day special, Kathryn Freeman talks us through civic engagement, difficult conversations, and asking questions to learn. A seminary student who already holds a law degree, Kathryn has worked for over a decade in public policy. But don’t let that intimidate you, Kathryn simply loves people and wants systems to work on their behalf.

Kathryn reminds us that as the Church, we are like God’s orchestra: we each have our unique role to play. We can’t all be experts on every issue, but we can learn and be passionate about a few. She thinks a good starting place is to focus on issues that most impact our neighbors. She also reminds us that ultimately God cares about justice and the work is his. We are meant to do our part that helps us love him and our neighbors well.

As we approach family conversations over the holidays, Kathryn offers us great tips on how to learn and listen in order to better understand various points of view. A sisterhood conversation on being world changers for good right where we are.


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