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Sister Interview: Rob Koke & Danielle Koke Germain

Our first ever dad/daughter interview! And just in time for the holidays when family interactions can be more frequent and addictive behaviors can flare. Rob Koke and his daughter Danielle Germain tell us about her journey with addiction and how her road to recovery felt from both of their perspectives.

A story full of loss, grief, redemption, and new beginnings. It gives us all a place to stand and begin the difficult conversation (both internal and with others) around addictions. The humility that Danielle and her dad bring to this conversation gives us all freedom to approach our relationships and our coping mechanisms with more honesty.

Whether you are a parent wondering how to support a child, a person living with addictions yourself, or simply want to know how to better support the people around you, this interview is for you. It is vulnerable, tender, and offers hope to all of us that recovery is possible.

You can connect with Rob on his website and Danielle on hers or on Instagram.

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A few things you heard mentioned on the show:

Shoreline Church in Austin, TX

Alcoholics Anonymous

Celebrate Recovery

Rob and Danielle’s new book Prodigal Daughter: A Family’s Brave Journey through Addiction and Recovery

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