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The Healthy Way 2020: The Power of Movement & Sugar Detox with Alisa Keeton & Wendy Speake

It’s time for our annual Healthy Way Series! Each Tuesday in January we dive into a different aspect of health. Today we are kicking it off with Alisa Keeton, founder and director of Revelation Wellness, and Wendy Speake, author of the 40 Day Sugar Fast.

Alisa begins by educating us on why movement is so powerful – not only for our bodies but for our emotional and mental health as well. If you want to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged, no one does it quite like Alisa. You will find fresh motivation and courage for the New Year through her words and coaching.

Wendy follows discussing the benefits of cutting sugar from our diets. The reasons may surprise you. We expect her to talk about the physical benefits, and she does, but Wendy also dives deeply into the spiritual growth that comes with saying no to sugar for a period.

Join us as we re-commit to health and to living more fully and alive!

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