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Hey Sister! The Secret to Enjoying Your Life with John Mark Comer

Do you ever feel like you aren’t fully enjoying your life? Or that you don’t like the person you have become? Do you sense that life is moving so fast that you are missing it?

In this interview, John Mark Comer (one of Krista’s favorite teachers) shares the secret to discovering a full and meaningful life. It isn’t an intuitive answer, yet one that holds great power if we take hold of it and put it into practice.

You will be challenged and delighted by the wit and wisdom shared in today’s interview – don’t miss it!

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A Community of Honor in a Culture of Contempt – sermon on Bridgetown Podcast (one of Krista’s all time faves)

Jon Tyson

Iron John

John Ortberg

The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

“Hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day, and you must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” – Dallas Willard

Hurry isn’t just a sign of a disordered schedule, it’s a sign of a disordered heart. – John Ortberg

Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard

Vision Intention Means:

Vision – A vision of what needs to happen

Intention – A moment where a decision is made to change

Means – Intentional practices and creative next steps to make the vision happen

Create Vs. Copy – Ken Wytsma

John Mark’s Sabbath Practice: Stop Worrying, Stop Working, Stop Wanting

ie. When negative conversation topics come up, we set them aside for the day and save it for another day. No buying or selling – it’s a day to enjoy what we have and give thanks for it. No laundry or mowing – we say yes to relationships, good food, time together, rest, joy, novels, poetry, couple time, etc.

Quotes from John Mark in the episode:

“Ideas have to get into our bodies through habits or spiritual disciplines”

“The goal of spiritual disciplines is to live a life of restfulness, gratitude and delight and relational connection, a real sense of the spirit of God transforming us into a person of compassion and love. This is the goal, sabbath is the means.”

“Is the way I’m living going to turn me into the kind of person I want before God? If the answer is no, the time is always now to make whatever drastic decions need to be made to alter my life to become a person of love and joy and peace.”

“How is hurry robbing me of my capacity for love and joy and peace and enjoy God and His Kingdom, and what would it look like to slow down and live a different kind of life?”

“Am I becoming the kind of person I want to become?”

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