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Hey Sister! How To Be A World Changer For Good Right Where You Are with Gena Thomas

The phrase “world changer” is thrown around on Pinterest memes, slogans, and yes, even here at The Sisterhood.  But what does it really mean to be a world changer?  

In this episode Krista & Alex break down The Sisterhood definition of what this phrase really means, and how we can start being a world changer in our actual lives, right where we are, today.  

Gena Thomas joins us for the second part of the interview to share her story of helping a Honduran five year old who was separated from her mother at the border.  This story helps us see how God can take small, faithful steps, and turn them into giant leaps of faith and hope.  

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Definition of a World Changer (according to The Sisterhood):

“A woman who uses her influence in her home, in her job, in her community, to do God’s purposes. It’s this open handed life saying “God use me!” – Alex Kuykendall

“Someone who is aware and open to the opportunities, and paying attention to where God might be prompting and leading in her actual life.” – Krista Gilbert

Some Things You Heard On The Show:

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Loving My Actual Neighbor

Separated By The Border: A Birth Mother, A Foster Mother, and A Migrant Child’s 3000 Mile Journey

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