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Celebrating Your Graduate (Pandemic Style) with Monica Swanson

High school and college graduations around the world have been cancelled due to physical distancing requirements from COVID-19. We feel a collective disappointment because we know this is a marker and a celebration for graduates and their families. If you have a graduate in your circle, you are likely trying to figure out how to celebrate your senior within the current parameters for group gatherings.

Krista and Alex invite author and podcast host Monica Swanson on this episode to talk through why we should be intentional about creating both meaningful and fun experiences for our graduates and how we can do that with varying levels of restrictions in place. All three moms bring different experiences, personalities, school communities, and local distancing restrictions to the conversation, offering a variety of ideas. No matter your circumstances, there is an idea in this episode for you.

At The Open Door Sisterhood we strive to offer listeners content that is part practical and part inspirational. It’s the how and the why. This episode is no different. You will be reminded that life markers matter and you’ll be given ideas on how to creatively mark your graduate’s transition.

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Monica’s podcast, The Boy Mom Podcast

10 Ways To Celebrate Your Graduate During a Pandemic by Krista Gilbert

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