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Honing Your Voice Series: How To Discover Your Voice and Speak Up with Dr. Sasha Shillcutt

We believe at The Sisterhood that God has given us each a unique voice to use in the world. We are positioned in places with people to speak hope and truth over situations. We may feel this now more than ever.

In this new “Hone Your Voice” series we want to bring you both practical coaching and insights that inspire you to develop your voice for today. In this episode we feature Dr. Sasha Shillcutt who shares her journey of finding her center in her adult life, and how she began exercising her voice, especially at a table with mixed genders and high achieving professionals.

You will be interested in her insights about why women apologize, how female leaders are perceived, and practical ways to disagree with others while still respecting their viewpoints. An MD, author, and speaker, Sasha has an important message to share with women about finding their unique voice in the world, and overcoming fear to share it.

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Some things you heard on the show:

Between Grit and Grace

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