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Back to School COVID Style: Supporting College Students and High School Seniors with Emily Jamieson

We know that this is a school start like no other. It is an especially uncertain time for college students and seniors in high school. We bring you a sisterhood expert to help navigate conversations with the young people you love about school and life decisions during COVID.

Emily Jamieson is an academic and life coach for young people. She spends her days helping them navigate school and life decisions and knows the unique circumstances and feelings they are experiencing right now.

In this interview Emily not only gives us insight into what college students and high school seniors are thinking and feeling, she gives us practical approaches to conversations that might be difficult.

From how to give feedback to a resistant teenager, to fostering moments of creativity together, her ideas are grounded and based on years of mentoring young adults. For any grown up trying to support young people in the middle of a pandemic, for any parent wondering how to get their teenager out of their funk, for any loving mentor that is working to guide a student’s decisions, you won’t be disappointed in this conversation.

In true sisterhood style this episode is both practical and inspirational as we talk through how to best support college students and high school seniors during a pandemic.

To connect with Emily head to her website or her favorite spot: Instagram.

You can listen to the interview on iTunes or watch it on YouTube.

A few things mentioned on the episode:

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